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Not Equal by IKE Reibun [Eng]

Manga: Not Equal; ≠; Not Equal; Not Equal ≠; ≠ ノットイコール; ≠不等號
Author: IKE Reibun
Language: English

Plot: “Tomorrow, I’ll put a curse on my father…”
Right after reuniting with his father, from whom he’d been separated when he was a kid, Ryou suddenly traveled back in time 22 years, during the peak of the bubble economy of the Showa era!
There, he met his father, Konomi, who was 3 years younger than he was…!
Living in an unknown environment with the uneasiness of wanting to go back to his own time, Ryou was anxious. But being comforted by the pure-hearted Konomi, his feelings gradually started to change… The first volume of Ike Reibun’s loved original work!

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