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The Titan's Bride Drama CD
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Titan’s Bride Drama CD [Eng Subs]

Yaoi Drama CD: Titan’s Bride Drama CD
Language: Japanese with English subs (Subbed by JustBLThings & Nanashi)

Titan’s Bride Drama CD Plot: A drama CD adaptation of the manga Titan’s Bride by Itkz. This is a sequel to the Titan’s Bride anime‘s story.

One day, modern male school student Kouichi starts his day off leaving school with a big farewell from his other club members and when he gets home, he is summoned as the bride of the first prince Caius of the giant country, Tildant..

At first, it seemed impossible for them to live in a different world, but they gradually opened their hearts and communicated well with each other. But whether to stay in a different world or return to the original world… the day of choice is just around the corner!

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