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[Tonomaru] Bunny Bunny Lonely Nights [Eng]

Manga: Bunny Bunny Lonely Nights; Lonely Nights In Bunny Paradise; Bunny Bunny Loneliness Night
Author: Tonomaru
Language: English

Bunny Bunny Lonely Nights Manga Plot: One day, Yeonwoo, a staff at a bunny boys bar called “Lapin Paradise,” is forced to take on the training of the newbie, Mahoro, a man of few words, who’s far from being cute and difficult to get along with. On top of that, he has the nerve to confess he’s got the hots for Yeonwoo on his first day! Initially, Yeonwoo is full of caution around the insensible younger guy, but Mahoro’s straightforward and passionate affections gradually break down his walls… An electrifying romance unfolds in the nighttime bar between a mysterious, reserved younger man and a strong-willed, beautiful bottom with his fair share of baggage. Beautiful bunny boy, Yeonwoo, is put in charge of training the newbie, Mahoro, a mysterious younger man of few words. Thus begins an electrifying romance set at a nighttime bar!


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